Frontier Warehousing
PV Certified Certified

Frontier Warehousing

B.T. Road
Price Range₹ On Request
Possession DateDec 2022

Frontier Warehousing Overview

Project Status
Ready to Move
Units Sold
Land Area12 Acre
Super Builtup Area 5,000 - 95,000 sq ft
Units Available ForLease

Developer of Frontier Warehousing

Rasha Ind. Pvt Ltd

Rasha Ind. Pvt Ltd is a Private incorporated on 23 June 1984. At the heart of Rasha’s success is a fusion of forward-thinking leadership and a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to excellence. The company’s...

About Frontier Warehousing

Are you in need of commercial warehouse space for lease in Agarpara, B.T. Road? Look no further than Frontier Warehousing, offered by Rasha Industries Private Limited. The company specializes in providing high-quality and reliable warehouse solutions to meet your business needs.

With an extensive experience in the industry, they understand the importance of finding the right commercial space for your operations. Whether you require storage for raw materials, finished goods, or distribution purposes, our warehouse facilities are designed to cater to a variety of requirements.

Our Agarpara location on B.T. Road offers excellent connectivity and convenient access for your logistical operations. Situated in a prime commercial area, the warehouse provides the ideal environment for efficient inventory management and seamless supply chain operations.

At Frontier Warehousing, They prioritize the safety and security of your goods. Our facilities are equipped with advanced security systems, including surveillance cameras, access controls, and fire prevention measures. You can trust that your valuable inventory will be stored in a secure and monitored environment.

They offer flexible leasing options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require short-term or long-term space, our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide customized solutions.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure top-notch warehouse space for your business. Contact Propvestors today to discuss your warehousing needs and arrange a site visit. Experience the convenience and reliability of our commercial warehouse solutions provided by Rasha Industries Private Limited in Agarpara, B.T. Road.

Frontier Warehousing strategically positions its facilities in key logistics hubs and transportation corridors, ensuring optimal connectivity and reducing transit times. This thoughtful approach to location enhances the efficiency of supply chain operations, allowing businesses to navigate the complexities of the modern market with ease. Whether near major ports, airports, or highways, Frontier Warehousing facilities serve as crucial nodes in the distribution network.

At the heart of Frontier Warehousing’s offering is its advanced facility infrastructure. The warehouses are equipped with the latest in logistics technology, including automated storage and retrieval systems, RFID tracking, and smart inventory management solutions. This integration of technology streamlines warehouse operations, minimizes errors, and enhances overall efficiency. The result is a warehousing solution that not only meets but anticipates the demands of the contemporary business landscape.

In the era of Industry 4.0, Frontier Warehousing embraces technological integration to enhance its services. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data analytics, and real-time monitoring enables a more responsive and adaptive warehousing system. This technology-driven approach not only increases efficiency but also provides valuable insights into inventory management and supply chain optimization.

Frontier Warehousing understands the importance of adhering to industry-specific regulations and standards. The facilities are designed and operated in compliance with relevant regulations, providing tenants with the assurance that their operations meet the necessary legal and industry requirements.

Recognizing the paramount importance of security in the logistics industry, Frontier Warehousing implements robust security measures. Advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and strict security protocols ensure the safety and integrity of the stored goods. This commitment to security provides tenants with the confidence that their inventory is well-protected within the warehousing facility.

In conclusion, Frontier Warehousing stands at the forefront of modern logistics solutions, offering a comprehensive package that combines strategic locations, advanced technology, sustainability initiatives, and a collaborative business ecosystem. As businesses navigate the complexities of the global supply chain, Frontier Warehousing provides a reliable partner, unlocking the potential for streamlined and efficient logistics operations. With a commitment to innovation and a customer-centric approach, Frontier Warehousing continues to shape the future of warehousing in the ever-evolving landscape of global commerce.

Frontier Warehousing Payment Plan

Unit Type Unit Available For Size (Sq. Ft.) Price Range (₹) Booking Amount Token Amount
Ware House Lease 5,000 - 95,000 sq ft ₹ On Request 10% ₹ 5 L
Frontier Warehousing
Frontier Warehousing
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