Bengal Peerless

Bengal Peerless endeavors to provide more to the people while demanding the very least. We believe in the individual’s right to grow and prosper in a hospitable living environment. Hence, we offer space, which is affordable as well as completely secure. A space where a little bit of imagination and care goes a long way in creating what one would call not merely a house, but a home. Architectural details are given great consideration, so as not to disturb the serene beauty of the natural landscape.

Since its inception in April 1994, Bengal Peerless has successfully built about 5000 numbers of dwelling units for people from all sections of society.  The Company is planning the construction of further 3000 dwelling units over a period of the next four years.

During the tenure of the last 16 years, the Company has completed Projects valued over Rs.1000 Crore. Commencing with a meager capital of Rs.20 lac in 1994, the present net worth of the Company is over Rs.50 crore, achieved through a consistent growth pattern.

Here are some projects of Bengal Peerless – Avidipta Phrase I, Avidipta Phrase II, Sonar Tore, etc.

The design of Avidipta strikes the ideal balance between man-made structures, the surrounding natural environment, and planted terrain in order to provide an atmosphere of openness and tranquillity. The project is located in Mukundapur, EM Bypass, Kolkata. It combines beauty and usability. The design incorporates lighting, ventilation, and architectural needs to create an environment conducive to peaceful living.