Emami Realty

Emami Realty, the real estate arm of Emami Group was incorporated in 2006, to undertake real estate projects in residential, commercial, and retail sectors. Emami Realty, a distinguished real estate firm based in Kolkata, is a symbol of innovation, integrity, and excellence in the industry. With a legacy rooted in the Emami Group’s commitment to quality, Emami Realty has significantly contributed to Kolkata’s urban transformation since its inception.

Specializing in residential and commercial projects, Emami Realty is renowned for its architectural brilliance and a focus on creating spaces that redefine contemporary living. The firm’s residential developments, ranging from stylish apartments to luxurious villas, showcase a harmonious blend of aesthetics, functionality, and a commitment to delivering homes that exceed expectations. Emami Realty’s success is underpinned by a customer-centric approach, transparency, and a dedication to sustainable practices. As a key player in Kolkata’s real estate sector, Emami Realty continues to shape the city’s skyline with projects that exemplify the Emami Group’s legacy of excellence and a vision for a brighter, more vibrant urban future.

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