Forum Group

Forum Group is a highly respected international real estate developer focusing on high end luxury residential developments as well as mixed use commercial properties. Its senior management team have a combined experience in excess of 20 years in the real estate industry and have an excellent track record of creating modern, high-quality sustainable and innovative portfolios of residential and commercial projects.

Building on the foundations of our international experience and expertise, we have the capabilities to innovate, design and develop large-scale projects and integrated developments from start to finish. We are a full-service developer, specialising in all aspects of design and build including development of a concept, investment activities, and construction property management.

The Forum Group has helped to transform visionary ideas into reality for discerning clients looking for beautiful, innovative and functional homes and offices that are finished to the highest specification. With our innovative approach to design and build, the Forum Group is constantly moving with the times to make a mark on the skylines of tomorrow. With a track record of building challenging commercial projects that require integrated solutions and developing uniquely personal designer homes, we are globally recognised as a leading player in the real estate market of the future.

Forum Group has an extensive portfolio of exceptional commercial and residential properties in some of the world’s most desirable locations.

The Forum Group always transform their ideas into reality, as clients are always looking forward to innovative, beautiful, and functional homes & offices that are maintained to the highest of standards.

Due to their grand commercial developments and beautifully designed homes, The Forum Group is recognized as an important player in the off-plan real estate market of Dubai.

Forum Group B.V. was established in 2005 as a real estate investment fund for social real estate and real estate related operations. Successful with various projects at home and abroad, the company has built a unique international network. Following the acquisition of Breda International Airport (formerly airport Seppe) in 2008, Forum Group B.V. has invested on a large scale in the aviation business. With its 10th anniversary Forum Group B.V. has left its previous name Forum Real Estate B.V. behind.The Forum Group has helped to transform visionary ideas into reality for discerning clients looking for beautiful, innovative and functional homes and offices that are finished to the highest specification.

Born in the mid seventies, Forum Projects has over the years emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing business houses operating from Kolkata.

While real estate development is the group’s core business, it also has industrial applications in the form of mining and manufacturing as part of its business.

From building the first computer integrated building- Infinity to revolutionizing retail in the east with Forum Mall and building the first green IT infrastructure of the world- Technopolis, Forum Projects has always been innovative and different in its thoughts as well as actions.

The Forum Group has changed visionary thoughts into reality for recognizing customers searching for lovely, creative and utilitarian homes and workplaces that are done in the most noteworthy detail.
With our creative way to deal with the plan and construct, the Forum Group is continually moving with the circumstances to make a blemish on the horizons of tomorrow. With a reputation for building testing business extends that require incorporated arrangements and growing remarkably individual creator homes, we are all-inclusive perceived as a main player in the land market without bounds.
Forum Group has been successfully carving projects that speak of architectural excellence. With a team of expert professionals, this real estate company has been constantly striving to provide its clients with their dream homes. Recognized for their transparent deals in all real estate transactions, they have carved a niche for itself in the domain. This construction company makes sure to keep itself updated about all market trends and ensures to meet the growing needs of the Industry by carving unique solutions for its clients.