Infinity Group

Infinity Group is a pioneer in developing Green buildings in India and is largely credited with catalyzing the IT revolution in Eastern India through Infinity Think Tank, the first ‘Intelligent’ IT-empowered workspace in Kolkata in a then-deserted Salt Lake, Sector-V. A couple of decades later, Sector V has evolved into more than the largest IT hub in Eastern India. It is an economic driver contributing to and catalyzing the development of the greater Kolkata area in Salt Lake, Rajarhat, Newtown, EM Bypass, and Bantala.

Some of its inspiring and award-winning commercial projects of Infinity Group are Infinity Benchmark, a USGBC certified Platinum rated Green Building – 7th in the world and 2nd outside USA; Godrej Waterside – an IGBC certified Green Building which is the largest Gold rated Green commercial infrastructure in Eastern India; Infinity IT Lagoon – an IGBC Certified Platinum rated Green Building awarded as the best commercial development in the eastern region by Crisil and Credai.

Infinity recognizes that Small and Medium Enterprises are the growth engines of an economy. Thus, Infinity developed its first plug-and-play, Green Business Centre in Salt Lake Sector V. The Business Centre provides 360-degree office solutions to SMEs and Startups.

Infinity Group’s architectural prowess is at the forefront of its identity. The firm collaborates with visionary architects and designers to create iconic structures that resonate with the evolving needs of modern lifestyles. Each project is a testament to innovative design, incorporating cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to ensure a harmonious coexistence with the environment.

The architectural language of Infinity Group is characterized by sleek lines, contemporary aesthetics, and a keen attention to detail. From high-rise residential towers to sprawling townships, each development reflects a commitment to creating spaces that not only meet the functional requirements of residents but also elevate their living experience to new heights.

Infinity Group has redefined the notion of luxury in Kolkata’s real estate landscape. The firm goes beyond the conventional definition of opulence, focusing on providing residents with a holistic and enriching living experience. Infinity Group properties are synonymous with spacious interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and meticulous attention to the finer details that define a truly luxurious lifestyle.

Infinity Group’s commitment to luxury extends beyond physical spaces to include personalized services and a heightened focus on resident well-being. From concierge services to exclusive recreational facilities, the firm ensures that residents not only find a home but a haven where they can unwind, rejuvenate, and indulge in the finest aspects of life.

Infinity Group places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, recognizing the importance of responsible development in a rapidly changing world. The firm incorporates innovative sustainability practices in its projects, including energy-efficient designs, green spaces, and eco-friendly construction materials.

With a dedication to reducing its ecological footprint, Infinity Group strives to create developments that not only meet the needs of the present but also contribute to a sustainable and thriving future. The incorporation of renewable energy sources, water conservation measures, and eco-friendly landscaping are integral components of Infinity Group’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

At the core of Infinity Group’s success is its unwavering commitment to a customer-centric approach. The firm understands that buying a home is a deeply personal and significant decision, and, as such, it prioritizes customer satisfaction at every step of the process. From transparent communication and streamlined processes to post-sale support, Infinity Group strives to create a seamless and gratifying experience for its clients.
In conclusion, Infinity Group stands as a symbol of modernity, luxury, and innovation in Kolkata’s real estate arena. With visionary architecture, a commitment to sustainability, a customer-centric approach, and a forward-thinking vision, Infinity Group is not just building homes; it is crafting a new narrative for contemporary living in the vibrant city of Kolkata.