Merlin Group

The mission of Merlin Group is to provide every resident of this nation with a happy home and a healthy workplace. The Group has over three decades of real estate experience nationwide.

Over 10 million sq ft of construction completed and a further 10 million sq ft of work is in progress.

Emanated in 1984, Merlin Group is now one of the pre-eminent conglomerates in the real estate industry in India, having a plenitude of prestigious residential and commercial complexes, office buildings, and townships to its credit over the past three decades.

Its presence spans across Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Pune, Chennai as well as Colombo. With the shifting epoch, The Group has now extended its movement to contemporary shopping malls, resorts, industrial estates, clubs, etc. Merlin Group is your go-to place where you will find it all under one roof.

Merlin Group brings homes- the edifice of luxury, elegance, and panache. Offering a seamless mix of comfort, aesthetics & functionality, each and every space of Merlin articulates the saga of a lavish life wrapped with a dollop of glamour and magnificence.

There are many luxurious and eye-catching projects of Merlin Group – Merlin Rise, Merlin X, Merlin Oikyo, Merlin Next, Merlin Skygaze, Merlin Avana, Merlin Identity, Merlin Aquaville, etc.

If you looking for a home in the Rajarhat area, then here’s a project called Merlin Rise. Also, in Southern Bypass, there is a project called Merlin Skygaze and many more.


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Ongoing Projects1
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