Tata Housing

Established in 1984, TATA is a closely held public limited company and a subsidiary of TATA Sons Private Limited. TATA Sons Private Limited holds 99.96% of the equity share capital of the company. Tata Value Homes Limited (CIN: U45400MH2009PLC195605), incorporated on September 8, 2009, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Housing Development Company Limited.

One of the companies that tread on the values of the Group is Tata Housing.

Since 2006, TATA Housing has evolved into one of the fastest-growing real estate development companies in India. With the primary business being the development of properties in residential, commercial, and retail sectors, the company’s operations span across various aspects of real estate development, such as land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing & sales, project execution, property services, and estate management.

The company’s mission as a real estate development company is “to delight customers by providing quality life spaces through continuous innovations”. The core objective of TATA Housing is to create a real estate development business. This offers world-class property development skills while maximizing financial returns. The company recognizes for its quality construction, ethical and transparent business practices, and high standards of maintenance of properties. It has partnered with internationally acclaimed architects and design consultants. TATA has pioneered the concept of property development by corporates in India.

Move into Kolkata’s most premium neighborhoods with TATA Realty. Your search for luxury living and spacious flats in Kolkata leads you to TATA Avenida and TATA Housing 88 East. Located in New Town and Alipore respectively, these sought-after residences offer some of the most spacious, luxury apartments in Kolkata.

Founded on the principles of integrity and customer-centricity, Tata Housing has played a pivotal role in shaping Kolkata’s urban infrastructure. The city, known for its rich cultural heritage, has witnessed the emergence of modern, thoughtfully designed residences that seamlessly blend with the historical tapestry. From opulent apartments to environmentally conscious developments, Tata Housing caters to a diverse range of preferences.

As Tata Housing continues to shape the skyline of Kolkata, it does so with a vision that goes beyond construction – it aspires to build communities where residents thrive and where the essence of the city’s heritage is preserved. In every brick laid and every structure erected, Tata Housing is crafting a legacy of excellence in real estate, setting benchmarks for others to follow.