Unimark Group

Founded by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Patodia, Unimark Group is one of the leading real estate companies in Kolkata. Unimark Mark has been established with a vision to create premium landmark spaces.

Unimark Group commits itself to transforming the Indian real estate industry. Unimark Group, a leading real estate firm based in Kolkata, epitomizes innovation and elegance in property development. Unimark Group has redefined the cityscape with a portfolio of residential and commercial projects. With a focus on contemporary design and sustainable practices, Unimark Group continues to contribute significantly to Kolkata’s urban development. The company’s dedication to creating spaces that harmonize modern living with environmental consciousness has earned it a reputation for excellence in the real estate sector, making Unimark a trusted choice for those seeking homes and investments in Kolkata.

Total Projects27
Ongoing Projects9
City Present1