Why it is necessary to live in a residential housing complex during the Covid periods?
24 Jun, 2021

Why it is necessary to live in a residential housing complex during the Covid periods?

Does living in a residential housing complex has a lot of benefits these days? Does it come with enhanced safety and security? Does the community support living a more fulfilling life?

Souvik Basu resides in a residential housing complex with his family. They believe that it’s a privilege to reside in a residential complex during these tough times. According to them, it’s a lot safer, and they can easily overcome the challenges of multiple restrictions with the help of the facility management team.

The second wave of Covid has again disrupted our lives which were slowly returning to normalcy. With the infection spreading aggressively, there were additional difficulties as everyone in Souvik’s family is below 45 years and vaccination is still some time away.

In a nuclear family like Souvik’s, there is a significant demand for safety because if anyone is infected with Covid, it is almost certain that everyone in the family will be infected. There is no one to support them in such a situation.

Let’s explore if a gated residential housing complex with several restrictions on the entry of outsiders and maintenance of Covid protocol ensures higher safety?

Residential housing complexes enforce strict Covid protocol

Generally, the facilities in residential complexes are professionally maintained and adhere to strict Covid protocol. A comprehensive guideline for residents’ welfare associations has also been published by the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare. The Covid guidelines are followed carefully as any lapses in following the protocol will not be tolerated and the facility management team or company can be disengaged by the members of the associations. This instils a sense of discipline among all the workers. The change of spreading Covid is highly reduced by restricting entry to people along with thermal screening especially for housemaids, newspaper vendors, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Another major advantage is residential housing complexes can afford to clean and sanitize the premises regularly. It is not an easy task in most single buildings considering the cost and manpower availability.

Residential housing complexes offer emergency help to Covid patients

Generally, residential housing complexes have large common spaces like community halls which are converted to isolation centres with oxygen beds for Covid patients. This can further reduce the spread of the infection and protect the family members.

They can afford to increase their Covid related inventory like procuring oxygen concentrators and essential medicines for emergency use by any Covid patient.

Residentials housing complexes are arranging vaccination camps

Covid vaccination camps for the residents are organised by the residential housing complexes. These on-premises vaccination camps are appreciated by the residents, especially the aged and the unwell as they save a lot of time and the need to stand in long queues where proper physical distancing is not maintained.

As these vaccination camps are organised in association with a hospital, proper and professional vaccination is ensured while maintaining all required Covid vaccination protocols such as maintaining physical distancing, waiting 30 minutes post-vaccination, etc.

Residential housing complexes offer sufficient space

Staying indoors in our apartments is taking a huge toll on our physical and mental well-being. Most of us are spending time watching TV or on social media. The absence of enough physical activity is weakening our body and immunity system, which is highly undesirable amidst the current pandemic scenario.

This problem is magnified in standalone buildings where the lack of open facilities makes it difficult to even take a stroll. Thankfully, residential housing complexes have enough open spaces to take some form of physical activity like walking or jogging. Although gyms and swimming pools are closed in the current situation, one can surely do free-hand exercise or yoga in the open air. It helps stay in shape and maintain proper immunity to fight any infection much better.

Unlike standalone buildings, residential housing complexes have landscaped open spaces, parks, open-air seating arrangements and beautified expanses for social communication. It helps to maintain physical distance while talking to neighbours and friends.

Covid is not only ruining lives but also damaging our mental well-being. We cannot live isolated from the world, only looking at mobile or computer screens, without endangering our mental well-being. Residential housing complexes offer adequate space for the residents to unwind, relax, share the happiness and pains of the present situation. Thereby greatly helping to win an invisible battle against the pandemic.