Park Street

Park Street is one of Kolkata’s most crucial arterial roads, serving as a central hub where many important city routes converge and diverge. This bustling thoroughfare is home to the Park Street metro station, situated between Esplanade and Maidan stations, and renowned as one of Kolkata’s deepest subterranean stations. Park Street provides vital access to other key areas of the city and connects to major cities through the Park Street Durgapur state highway. Additionally, the nearby Park Street Railway Station, a mere 10-minute drive away, is frequented by numerous connecting trains.

Well-connected via an extensive network of roads and transportation options, Park Street stands out as an agreeable and affordable neighborhood for families. It boasts numerous children’s parks, leisure zones, and green spaces, making it a desirable location for residents. As a popular tourist destination, Park Street showcases a rich cultural heritage, attracting visitors from far and wide. The area’s prime location and potential for economic growth have made it a hotspot for real estate development. Offering a culturally diverse environment with modern amenities, Park Street is favored for its strategic location, pleasant climate, and low cost of living, solidifying its status as a premier real estate destination in Kolkata.