Park Street

One of Kolkata’s most important arterial roads is Park Street. Park Street is the location where many important city routes converge or depart. The Park Street metro station, which is located between Esplanade station and Maidan station, is one of Kolkata’s deepest subterranean stations. Park Street is one of the main thoroughfares for accessing other significant areas of the city. The Park Street Durgapur state highway connects the town to the major cities. The Park Street Railway Station is frequented by many connecting trains and is only a 10-minute drive away. 

Park Street is well-connected to the major cities through a well-established system of roads and commute options. An agreeable and affordable neighbourhood for families, many children’s parks, leisure zones, and green spaces are present in the locality of Park Street. Park Street is a well-liked tourist destination with a vast amount of cultural heritage on show. Due to its well-known position and potential for economic expansion, it is a favored area for real estate development. A culturally diverse neighbourhood with all the modern conveniences is available on Park Street.  Park Street is a desirable real estate destination because of its favorable location, pleasant climate, and low cost of living.