Tangra is a prominent residential cum commercial hub located in the eastern part of Kolkata. Gobra, Beck Bagan, Kustia, Panchanna Pally, and Tiljala are some of the well-known residential neighborhoods of Tangra. Tangra in Kolkata boasts excellent connectivity with accessible bus services and proximity to major transportation hubs like Park Circus Railway Station and the Central Metro Station. 

The physical infrastructure of Tangra is a mix of the old and the new. Tangra’s connectivity to the wider Kolkata metropolitan area is a significant advantage, offering access to public transport and major city amenities, including educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Tangra, a prominent residential and commercial hub in eastern Kolkata, is distinct for its strong Chinese cultural influence and is known for its Chinatown, tanneries, and Chinese restaurants. These areas offer a blend of modern amenities, including various residential options, and are well-connected to major tech parks and city amenities.