Located along the EM Bypass Road, Topsia stands as a flourishing residential enclave in East Kolkata. Surrounded by key areas such as Ballygunge, Tangra, and Tiljala, Topsia’s strategic location and burgeoning infrastructure have positioned it as a coveted destination for property seekers in Kolkata.

The real estate market in Topsia offers a diverse range of residential options, from opulent apartments to budget-friendly housing projects. Recent years have witnessed significant development in the area, attracting esteemed builders and developers to contribute to its growth.

Residents of Topsia benefit from a plethora of amenities, including verdant parks, bustling shopping complexes, and vibrant entertainment centers, rendering it a vibrant and self-sufficient locality. Moreover, the EM Bypass serves as a vital artery in Kolkata’s transportation network, fostering increased commercial activities in the vicinity. This makes Topsia an ideal choice for businesses in search of prime office spaces. With its strategic location, evolving infrastructure, and array of amenities, Topsia emerges as a dynamic residential and commercial hub in the bustling city of Kolkata.