Gopalpur, a prominent locality in the northern part of Kolkata, is an integral part of the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation. Surrounded by nearby localities such as Kestopur, Baguiati, Teghoria, and Kailkhali, Gopalpur boasts excellent connectivity. Key roads like NH12, VIP Road, and Rajarhat Main Road enhance its accessibility and link it seamlessly to major hubs.

Gopalpur is home to numerous schools and healthcare centers, ensuring residents have access to essential services. Additionally, the locality features various shopping malls, local markets, and convenient public transportation options. With over 40 properties available for sale, Gopalpur is a thriving residential area, attracting homebuyers with its proximity to significant hubs like Salt Lake City and New Town.

The locality’s excellent connectivity extends to the Kolkata airport, making it a strategic location for frequent travelers. Gopalpur offers a robust social infrastructure and a well-developed public transportation system, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents. Most properties in Gopalpur are multi-story apartments, catering to the diverse needs of its growing population. With its blend of modern amenities and strategic location, Gopalpur stands out as a desirable neighborhood in Kolkata.