Garia is a residential locality in the southern part of Kolkata. Over the years, it has transformed rapidly from a mostly residential neighborhood to an urban city center. Garia is well-connected to other parts of Kolkata, with Garia metro station as an important transport link. Additionally, there has been rapid growth in the real estate industry of this area, which has led to the construction of many apartment buildings, residential complexes, and business hubs, due to which property prices have increased, and new restaurants, retail stores, and marketplaces have come up in the area. 

Garia has many transit options, including government buses, local trains, metros, and private cabs. This area is known for its vast green spaces and spacious roads. Garia has become a demanding residential locality because of its excellent connectivity to other parts of the city via roads, railways, and the metro. Its accessibility allows for easy travel to different parts of the city, and it provides essential amenities such as schools, markets, and healthcare facilities, making it a convenient place to reside.