ESR Logistics Park
PV Certified Certified

ESR Logistics Park

Uluberia, Howrah
Price Range₹ On Request
Possession DateDec 2021

ESR Logistics Park Overview

Project Status
Ready to Move
Units Sold
Land Area85 Acre
Super Builtup Area 150,000 - 500,000 sq ft
Units Available ForLease

Developer of ESR Logistics Park


ESR is a leading logistics real estate platform with a growing presence in data centers. With a global presence and a commitment to innovation, ESR has played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of...

About ESR Logistics Park

ESR Logistics Park, developed by ESR Group and located in Uluberia, Howrah, offers an excellent solution for businesses seeking warehouse space and commercial facilities. This logistics park, offered by Propvestors, provides a wide range of options for leasing warehouse space to meet various business needs.

Situated in Uluberia Howrah, ESR Logistics Park benefits from its strategic location in a well-connected area. With convenient access to major transportation routes, including highways, railways, and ports. It offers seamless connectivity for the smooth movement of goods and materials. This makes it an ideal choice for companies involved in import/export, distribution, and supply chain management.

ESR Logistics Park boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, designed to meet the highest industry standards. The warehouse spaces available for lease are modern, spacious, and equipped with advanced facilities. Whether you require a small storage area or a large distribution center, there are flexible options to accommodate your specific requirements. Well-developed infrastructure and quality manpower from neighboring towns and villages.

Additionally, the logistics park offers a range of commercial spaces suitable for various business operations. From offices and showrooms to retail spaces and service centers, Logistics Park provides a dynamic environment that promotes productivity and growth.

With its professional property management services, Logistics Park ensures a hassle-free leasing experience. The dedicated team at Propvestors is committed to assisting tenants throughout the leasing process, providing support and guidance whenever needed.

ESR Logistics Park distinguishes itself with its strategic locations, strategically placed in key logistics hubs and transportation arteries. This thoughtful positioning ensures seamless connectivity to major ports, airports, and highways, streamlining the movement of goods and reducing transit times. The accessibility contributes not only to operational efficiency but also positions the park as an attractive choice for businesses seeking a central and well-connected distribution center.

At the core of ESR Logistics Park is its advanced infrastructure designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s logistics landscape. The warehouses within the park are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including automated storage and retrieval systems, advanced inventory management solutions, and real-time tracking capabilities. This technology-driven approach enhances operational efficiency, minimizes errors, and allows for a level of precision in logistics operations that was previously unprecedented.

Understanding the paramount importance of security in the logistics sector, ESR Logistics Park incorporates robust security measures. State-of-the-art surveillance systems, access control mechanisms, and stringent security protocols ensure the safety and integrity of the goods stored within the facility. Additionally, the park adheres to industry-specific compliance standards, providing tenants with the assurance that their operations align with regulatory requirements.

ESR Logistics Park fosters a collaborative ecosystem by bringing together a diverse array of businesses within its premises. This coexistence allows for synergies, shared resources, and collaborative opportunities among tenants. Networking events, industry forums, and collaborative spaces contribute to the development of a dynamic and mutually beneficial business community within the logistics park.

In conclusion, ESR Logistics Park stands as a pioneering force in the logistics and warehousing industry, embodying the future of efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced supply chain solutions. With its strategic locations, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, ESR Logistics Park redefines the benchmarks for modern logistics facilities, offering businesses a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and dynamic global market.

ESR Logistics Park Payment Plan

Unit Type Unit Available For Size (Sq. Ft.) Price Range (₹) Booking Amount Token Amount
Ware House Lease 150,000 - 500,000 sq ft ₹ On Request 10% ₹ 5 L

ESR Logistics Park Virtual Tour: Images & Video

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ESR Logistics Park Specifications

The park is on NH6 and is well connected by the rail network as well as government and private buses.

Uluberia, being an established industrial zone, there is easy access to a skilled workforce from neighboring towns and villages.

Featuring smart, sustainable, human-centered design, this is the only park in Uluberia’s industrial zone to offer over 2 mn. sq. ft. of built-to-suit buildings.


Why Choose ESR Logistics Park

IGBC pre-certified Gold Park, possible solar roof integrations. Reduce operational costs by saving up to 25% in water and energy consumption.

Built-to-suit customized space solutions and standard buildings

This state-of-the-art park is strategically located with easy access to major ports, airports, and cities of eastern India.

ESR Logistics Park
ESR Logistics Park
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