Arrjavv Group

Arrjavv Group is the quality of being open and honest in one’s thoughts & deeds. The ancient texts describe it as the truthfulness of character that is essential to acquire eternal salvation and bliss. 

Sincere candor, a rarity in the real estate arena, has been our sole guiding light in the creation and progress of Arrjavv. Every endeavor we undertake is characterized by such transparency – from the expectations we set, and the quality of constructions we create, to the wholesome purchasing and acquisition experience that we provide.

With skills acquired since the inception of organized Indian real estate, we stand out in a crowded market with an unmatched ability to select locations and develop them in a way that optimizes their geographical attributes. Our towering projects dotting the city skylines stand testament to our rigorous standards, consistent innovation, and unique architectural and engineering capabilities.

Total Projects13
Ongoing Projects7
City Present1