Realtech Nirman

Realtech Nirman Pvt. Ltd. has been founded a decade ago with the aim of bringing a change in the existing methods of acquiring real estate property in Kolkata. We take every housing project as an individual effort. With an aim to outdo every project, we come up with new concepts and architectural variations. We offer a variety of services like buying, leasing, developing, and hiring residential and commercial complexes under a single roof. Every housing project is built with finesse and keeping in mind consumer satisfaction.

Realtech Nirman as a brand instills trust among our wide consumer base. Our reputation is because of our unmatched track record. Impeccable designs and strict adherence to deadlines to deliver projects on time to the owners are what we never compromise on.

Mr. Shishir Gupta and Mr. S K Nasir believe that every field of work needs to follow the highest order of professional ethics. Realtech Nirman delivers what we pledge and our efficient employees. Often go beyond our expectations and please our consumers with their efforts!

For many years, Realtech Nirman’s excellence and resolute reputation have revolved around quality and efficiency, trust and transparency, unparalleled and meticulous planning backed by the latest architectural designs, worth for money, a prompt work culture with a maximum emphasis on deadlines & professionalism, and last but not the least our passion to excel!

CurioCity Classic is an Under Construction residential project. The project is located in Newtown. Celebrating the history of Rome while also presenting its architectural distinctiveness to provide the greatest opulent style of life.

Realtech Nirman, based in Kolkata, is a leading real estate firm synonymous with quality and innovation. Specializing in residential and commercial projects, Realtech Nirman is committed to crafting spaces that redefine modern living and working experiences. With a focus on thoughtful design, timely delivery, and a customer-centric approach, the firm has earned trust in the industry. Realtech Nirman’s contemporary apartments, luxurious villas, and strategically located commercial spaces reflect a commitment to excellence, contributing significantly to Kolkata’s evolving urban landscape.

Realtech Nirman, a prominent real estate firm based in Kolkata, stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the industry. With a strong commitment to redefining urban living experiences, the company specializes in both residential and commercial projects.

In the realm of residential developments, Realtech Nirman has consistently delivered contemporary apartments and luxurious villas that showcase a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Each project is marked by meticulous planning, thoughtful design, and a commitment to providing homes that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of modern families.