Rishi Group

‘RISHI’ is the flagship brand of the real estate division of RISHI Group. Established in 2007, our real estate division turned barren lands into landmarks under the brand ‘RISHI’. With our ethos of providing conducive, nature-laden surroundings and soulful living experiences, ‘RISHI’ successfully built a strong reputation for its Timely and Quality deliverables in Eastern India.

We believe in offering a lifestyle where design, nature, technology, intelligence, and handpicked luxuries are curated with utmost care to build experiences that enable every resident to cherish an evolved lifestyle.

Our astounding projects Rishi Ecoview, Rishi Enclave, Rishi Tower, and Rishi Tech Park define thoughtful planning, artful conception, and magnificence above par. Adding to the integrated framework, Rishi Group has innovative residential and commercial projects lined up, like the upcoming Rishi Pranaya and Rishi Ventoso spanning a million sq. ft. of affordable residential homes.

Since 2009, Rishi Group has ventured into KPO globally as Edit International Rendering Content -editing, management, and electronic document management services to international publishing, legal, medical, healthcare, scientific, and engineering research organizations with its development center in Chennai.

A new existence is waiting for your delight. There are some ongoing projects of Rishi Group – Rishi Pranaya, Rishi Ventoso, etc.

The goal of “Pranaya,” the realm of the soulful living, is to help you live a life that reflects who you are and what you believe in. With each passing day, its highly sought-after lifestyle options get you closer to realizing your aspirations. Thus enabling you to design a life that is ever-evolving and feeds your spirit.

All members of the family may enjoy the facilities of Rishi Pranaya residences in Newtown.