Behala, located in the southwestern part of Kolkata, is a prominent and lively suburb known for its rich history and cultural heritage. This densely populated area primarily features horizontal developments, including residential houses and industrial units. Major roads such as Diamond Harbor Road, James Long Sarani, and B.L. Saha Road connect Behala to other key areas of Kolkata, ensuring excellent connectivity.

Behala is also an educational hub, boasting prominent schools like Behala High School, K.E. Carmel School, National Gems Higher Secondary School, and Shaw Public School. The suburb is well-equipped with renowned healthcare institutions, including Vidyasagar State General Hospital, B.P. Poddar Hospital & Medical Research, and RSV Hospital, ensuring comprehensive medical care for its residents.

The ongoing infrastructure developments and steady growth in Behala have significantly increased property values, making it a potential hotspot for long-term investments. With its blend of rich cultural heritage, robust educational and healthcare facilities, and strategic connectivity, Behala stands out as a desirable location for both homebuyers and investors. This vibrant suburb’s unique charm and modern amenities make Behala an attractive destination in Kolkata.