Bishnupur is a small town in the Bankura district known for its brilliant architecture, lavish heritage, popular culture and especially the tales of terracotta. Bishnupur is home to several educational institutions including the Bishnupur High School, Ramananda College, Bishnupur Parimal Debi Girls’ High School, K.G. Engineering Institute and others. Bishnupur has good road connectivity to several destinations along with offering an in-city and long-distance bus network for residents. Easily accessible by trains, cars and buses, the region is well-connected to the nearest city Kolkata.

Bishnupur is a developing community that has gone through considerable infrastructural growth as a tourist attraction. It is a popular locality for real estate development as its popular location and economic growth potential. The locality is comfortable, safe and clean, with everyday amenities readily available. With a good transport system with well-connected roads and well-maintained transit options, the neighbourhood is readily accessible. The temple town is home to the intricate Balchuri sari and offers a culturally rich real estate property.